Relationship Checkup

You go to the doctor for your annual checkup. You take your car to the mechanic for a regular tune-up. Why not regularly check on the health of your relationship?

When it comes to relationship problems, research tells us that prevention is 3x more effective than intervention. Yet, the average married couple waits 6 years before they seek help for their problems.

The wise couple doesn’t wait until a crisis hits. They know their strengths and challenges as a couple and take a proactive approach to keeping their relationship vibrant and meaningful.

You too can do this! A Relationship Checkup can help you to identify the strengths that hold you together, pinpoint the potential trouble spots, and develop a plan to maintain a vibrant and meaningful relationship.

A Relationship Checkup typically involves 3-4 sessions with me to review the history and current status of your relationship, and completion of an online relationship assessment developed by the Gottman Institute. Based upon 40 years of research on what makes relationships work, this assessment consists of 480 questions about friendship, intimacy, how well you know your partner, how you manage emotions and conflict, how you share your values and goals, and what gives meaning to your lives. There are additional questions about parenting, housework, finances, trust, and individual areas of concern.

After we do the Checkup, if you want to, we can do a Relationship Tune-Up. We’ll develop a plan to help you build upon your strengths and address potential trouble spots before they become a bigger problem. We may agree to meet for a few sessions in a row, or perhaps monthly or annually for maintenance. You always are the one who decides how much you want to do and how often you want to do it!

If you want to make a good relationship great, or make a great relationship even better, please don’t wait any longer. Call me at (254) 751-1550 to schedule an appointment.